Exploitation of Embedded Devices

Introduction to Embedded System Exploitation
Embedded hardware is everywhere you look today – from your vehicle’s infotainment system to refrigerators to medical devices and everything else in-between.

Software Assurance

Organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of developing secure software. These classes introduce the student to the concepts of software assurance, which have direct application in all software industries, including automotive and aerospace sectors.

DoD Weapon Systems Security

Cyber Security Essentials for DoD Weapon Systems
Students are introduced to threats that exist for our increasingly sophisticated DoD weapon systems with a foundation for strategies to reduce and combat those threats.

Employee Awareness

An organization’s livelihood is in large part dependent on its ability to grow and protect its most critical assets: employees, customers, sensitive information, revenue, reputation and supporting infrastructure.

Custom Training

AIS provides custom training courses in a number of different areas related to cyber and security. Whether it’s a pre-existing training course, or one developed from scratch to support your organization’s unique needs, contact us to learn how we can help.
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