SecureView® is a revolutionary new virtualized platform solution that provides state-of-the-art security, enabling a single workstation to access multiple independent levels of security, and disparate classified networks. SecureView® software transforms ordinary, commercial PCs and workstations into cyber-hardened, trusted platforms, secure enough to protect access to the U.S. Government’s most sensitive and classified information, and national security systems.

SecureView® is a hardened, client-hosted virtualization solution that enables independent and concurrent access to multiple security domains, providing performance independent of network bandwidth and server contention issues, giving analysts consistent responsiveness for visually intensive analysis and collaboration. SecureView® provides state-of-the-art security while maintaining cost effectiveness and ease of use. The platform can handle a wide variety of applications, from general office to performance-intensive 3D graphic applications, from different security environments, all running on a single virtualized platform.

SecureView® is a cross domain access solution developed by the Air Force that provides users with the ability to access Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) and Operational Domains on a single workstation. “Desktop as a Service” is a transformative strategy that revolutionizes the traditional IT operating model, enabling the Intelligence Community (IC) and Department of Defense (DoD) to migrate from an agency-centric IT architecture to a common platform where the community easily and securely shares technology, information and resources.

As an integrated component of a “Desktop as a Service” architecture, SecureView® provides the DoD and IC with a common, single workstation with the agility and flexibility to support legacy, agency-centric IT environments, as well as a means to provide consolidated access to over twenty different DoD or IC networks through a single SecureView® workstation.

The SecureView® project is sponsored by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL).

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