Since 2001, we have worked closely with government, academia, and business to create cutting-edge security solutions, and influence future security trends. We specialize in developing novel solutions to critical security challenges.


In every facet of the DoD and Intelligence Communities, we carry out and pursue new R&D and technical support activities. We provide staffing at a number of DoD installations and bases, for cyber R&D, reverse engineering, software development, cyber forensics, and more, as well as contributing to a number of DARPA contracts. We’re always looking for new partnership and teaming opportunities, so please contact us to discuss a new opportunity.

Adaptive Systems

We focus on building systems that can learn from, change to fit, and quickly adapt to most computing environments. Our products learn from their surrounding environments, changing and adapting as they go. Adaptive Systems protects cyberspace through constantly improving software products.

Advanced Research Concepts (ARC)

ARC performs basic and applied research in machine learning and behavioral science to create and enhance next-generation cyber operations technologies, such as behavioral biometrics, autonomy in cyber operations and cognitive state detection.

Agile Cyber Solutions

We identify current and emerging threats in cyber space through collaboration with our customers and partners. Our Agile Cyber Solutions provide cyber defense solutions for early detection, deterrence, and counters to evolving threats.

Decision Science & Analytics

When you have to deal with high-volume and high-value data sets, we can extract knowledge for better situational awareness. Our unique methods focus on the foundations of future intelligent systems, including cyber situational awareness, malware classification, cyber mission planning, and more.

Interactive Systems

Our Interactive Systems group develops advanced human effectiveness and biometrics tools and applications that coordinate efforts in the cyber domain. Current R&D includes authentication verification, and identification technology improvements through fusion of biometric data, network usage modeling, and more.

Signals Technology

We research and develop signal-related sensors and systems for everything from pulsed radar waveforms to cellular network protocols across the entire RF spectrum, as well as SIGINT across other program areas.

Systems Analysis & Exploitation (SAE)

Our SAE group can analyze, characterize, and exploit target systems. We can attack, change, and control a target system. Need to analyze, reverse engineer, or develop hardware or software? Our in-house hackers have the skills you’ll need.

Trusted Computing

Trusted Computing develops and leverages common, low-level computer architectures for both computing and embedded devices to provide a safe computing environment. We make use of multi-core architectures, reverse engineering, secure workstation development, and much more.
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