Since 2001, we have worked closely with government, academia, and business to create cutting-edge security solutions, and influence future security trends. We specialize in developing novel solutions to critical security challenges.


In every facet of the DoD and Intelligence Communities, we carry out and pursue new R&D and technical support activities. We provide staffing at a number of DoD installations and bases, for cyber R&D, reverse engineering, software development, cyber forensics, and more, as well as contributing to a number of DARPA contracts. We’re always looking for new partnership and teaming opportunities, so please contact us to discuss a new opportunity.

Adaptive Systems Technologies (AST)

AST focuses on research and development of cutting edge, highly-integrated and customizable tools for cyber operations. From embedded systems to servers, drivers to distributed back-end services and all points in between, we help the cyber warfighter be adaptive, efficient and effective.

Advanced Research Concepts (ARC)

ARC performs exploratory and applied research in machine learning and behavioral science to create and enhance next-generation cyber operations technologies. Working alongside our customers, academic partners, and resident subject matter experts, ARC develops revolutionary capabilities to solve real problems using the latest advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Agile Cyber Solutions (ACS)

ACS utilizes an adversarial mindset to research, test, develop and transition superior defensive cyber capabilities that empower the warfighter, protect our homeland and enable our enterprise customers.

Signals Technology

We research and develop signal-related sensors and systems for everything from pulsed radar waveforms to cellular network protocols across the entire RF spectrum, as well as SIGINT across other program areas.

Systems Analysis and Exploitation (SAE)

SAE performs software and hardware reverse engineering, vulnerability research and discovery, threat modeling, system exploitation and rapid prototyping of new capabilities.

Trusted Computing

CompArch focuses on developing deployable, trusted computing technologies for embedded and enterprise systems, including advanced virtualization and isolation capabilities. This work results in robust fielded devices and systems resilient to attack.
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