AIS is committed to providing our customers with critical information security products, services, and training. We support diverse needs throughout business and industry.

Corporate Cyber Security Services

We proactively protect your sensitive information, communications, and assets, by integrating security methods, practices, and technologies into your organization, keeping your productivity or profitability intact.

Data Recovery & Analysis Services

The most important operational and legal challenges you’ll face in protecting your assets involves preserving, analyzing, and reporting digital data on a regular basis. Our digital forensics, data recovery and preservation, and electronic discovery teams have the expertise and experience to carry these out in widely diverse computing environments.

Embedded Systems Security Services

Computing devices are being embedded in many of the consumer and business products we use every day, from our vehicles to home appliances and wearable technology. As they become more powerful and connected to the web, vulnerability becomes more important. Our Embedded System Security Services helps you use, safeguard, and even build using embedded devices with security in mind.

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Security

In a world of ever increasing cyber attacks, AIS ensures that your connected (IoT) devices, including unmanned aerial systems (UAS), are secure. We help protect your systems against attacks that are intended to alter operations and create significant safety issues.

Product Offerings

We’re committed to providing valuable cyber security solutions to a diverse range of clients. For more information on any of our commercial products, services, or customized training, please contact us.
Call us today to talk about your requirements, and we’ll customize a solution for your organization.