AIS gives its employees the freedom to do their best so that they can achieve ambitious challenges every day.

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We foster a culture of innovation where new ideas are encouraged and instead of thinking outside of the box, we smash it and build a better one.
At AIS, emphasis is on growth opportunities and entrepreneurship; employees are encouraged to experiment with new ideas. Education, training, and career development are also key values of our organization, allowing growth and opportunities for our employees and the company.

Our People

Our company’s competitive advantage depends on sustaining exceptional innovation, performance and commitment from our employees. At the end of the day, AIS is the totality of our employee team, which produces unimaginable achievements through talent, dedication, creativity and passion.

AIS employees are nationally recognized experts working on “generation next” solution-oriented technologies in a relaxed, employee-focused work environment. We perform groundbreaking work, leading efforts in all areas of cyber and information security.

When you join our team, you will collaborate with leading experts and an incredible cadre of energetic, visionary thinkers, innovators… and schemers.

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Military Benefits

Paid Military Training

AIS provides up to 80 hours of military service pay per calendar year to our employees serving in the U.S. military and National Guard, to fulfill their service obligation requirements.

Military Leave

AIS supports our employee service members who need to take extended leave to protect our country. Employees can take leave on a paid basis (PTO) or unpaid during those times of need.

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