Cohere View: Secure single-point access for EHRs

At AIS we have a long, successful history of creating beneficial commercial products by adapting our knowledge, experience, and technology foundations for secure government systems. The latest commercial AIS offering is Cohere View—the first under our new Cohere brand—a secure single-point access solution for all of a medical organization’s health records.
Healthcare providers are currently contending with multiple internal electronic health record (EHR) systems, and use different workstations and software to access each, with predictable inefficiencies: more easily compromised security, multiplied technology infrastructure costs, the need for staff to learn multiple hardware and software systems, inefficient (often physical) transfer of information between systems, manual re-entry of data, and more. Cohere View allows them to securely view and manage all patient data, in any EHR system, all from a single point of entry.

The benefits are multifold: increased security, increased productivity, improved patient care with full HIPAA compliancy, and reduced infrastructure costs.


Cohere View’s foundation is built on a trusted workstation designed for the U.S. government, incorporating thousands of embedded security features. Superior physical and virtual security far exceeds HIPAA security standards.

  • 100% HIPAA compliant
  • NSA Certified full disk encryption (FDE)
  • NIST Accredited
  • Workstation and server auditing


Cohere View leverages cutting edge Intel® technology for single-point, multiple-system access. By migrating away from slow “thin clients” and decentralizing medical networks, firms can reduce their infrastructure footprint, and no single workstation can halt their servers with too many requests.

  • Decentralized architecture
  • New workstations easily deployed
  • No user training required

Universal Access

Cohere View allows single-point access to all of an organization’s health systems. They can continue to run all of their current systems, including EHR, PACS, and billing system, from one physical workstation. If the organization has multiple EHRs as a result of a merger or acquisition, they can also run multiple EHRs from the same workstation.

Enterprise Manageability

Cohere View comes with a robust back-end management server to manage all workstations. System managers can quickly configure machines, push/pull images, set user access, and pull machine audit logs from the Cohere View Management Server.

  • Web-based management portal
  • Rapid client updates/provisioning
  • Remote workstation configuration

What is Cohere?

Cohere creates unifying systems to solve complex problems. We are reinventing the way people access information.

Cohere View was developed from a long-standing technology funded by the U.S. government. The same software is deployed across thousands of U.S. government workstations, protecting our country from the growing threat of cyber warfare.

We are currently seeking licensing and partner opportunities, including marketing, sales and distribution. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about Cohere and Cohere View, or visit

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