CppCon, the C++ conference

We’ll be sending one of our resident C++ experts, Principal Investigator Rian Quinn, to this year’s CppCon, the C++ conference, in Bellevue, Washington in September. Rian will be talking about our new Hypervisor, Bareflank, and what went on “under the hood” in its development.


CppCon is an annual week-long gathering for the C++ community, organized by people in the community. Informative, inspirational talks and panels take place in a friendly atmosphere where attendees learn from each other and network with their peers. This year’s conference includes multiple tracks on a wide array of topics, appealing to C++ novices, experts, and everyone in between.

The conference includes Invited talks and panels, like Rian’s, including the keynote by C++ legend Bjarne Stroustrup, presentations by the C++ community on embedded systems, game development, high frequency trading, and particle accelerators; lightning talks from almost anyone on a variety of topics, along with networking and impromptu coding sessions.

The conference says that its goal is “to encourage the best use of C++ while preserving the diversity of viewpoints and experiences”. CppCon is a project of the Standard C++ Foundation, a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to support the C++ software developer community and promote the understanding and use of modern, standard C++ on all compilers and platforms.

Quinn will be presenting on Thursday, September 22nd.

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