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AIS will play a significant role in the SAE Battelle CyberAuto Challenge™ for the third year in a row. As part of our Contributing Sponsor status, we will be providing two cyber security experts, Eric Thayer and Sam Mantravadi, to fill educational roles for the competitors in this 5th annual challenge in Warren, Michigan, from July 25-29.

Created in response to growing concern over embedded computer systems security as vehicles become more automated, the 2016 SAE Battelle CyberAuto Challenge™ is a groundbreaking event to promote automotive cyber security. This 5-day practicum-based workshop challenges teams—comprised equally of students and professionals and including automotive engineers, government engineers, and ethical “white hat” hackers—to work on real cars to find real answers to these challenges. Teams identify automotive cyber security trends, and serve to develop talent in a new technical discipline in this high tech industry.

“We’ve been addressing these challenges for years, and we want to develop the next generation of talent to help us meet this rapidly growing demand,” said Charles Green, CEO of AIS. “Our team is nationally recognized in the field, and this challenge gives us a way to share our knowledge.”

Attending as an instructor, Eric Thayer will present “Understanding the Adversary Mindset”. Sam Mantravadi will act as a mentor, and guide student teams as they attempt to reverse engineer an automobile. All proprietary content is AIS owned, and will not be released outside of the auto challenge. We have provided Embedded Systems Security assessments and training to industries as diverse as automotive and medical devices.

The SAE Battelle CyberAuto Challenge includes a series of classroom lessons and discussions, alternating with hands-on work in an interactive learning format. Instructors and mentors foster collaboration and creativity across various sectors of the automotive and cyber security industries. Students gain exposure to industry experts and hands-on learning they can’t find anywhere else, and industry professionals benefit from the fresh perspectives offered by high-performing high school and college students. Everyone benefits from the mentorship relationships and powerful connections formed at this event.

The Challenge gives the automotive community a chance to demonstrate certain core principles in cyber security:

  • Keeping core auto engineers connected to the cyber community
  • Prioritizing cyber security, and mitigating potential risks from cyber/auto development
  • Developing a common “community of interest” around cyber security issues
  • Developing a cyber/auto talent “pipeline” for high school and college students

More information is available on the 2016 SAE Battelle CyberAuto Challenge, and on AIS Embedded Systems Security Services.

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