Embedded Systems: Your Hidden Vulnerability

We’ve all seen enough heist movies to know we’re often most vulnerable where we never bothered to look: the unlocked garage door…the loading dock…the back entrance…the unnoticed employee. Embedded Systems—usually inexpensive microcomputers embedded in everyday consumer products—are the latest back door to hackers. Few of us notice the computers embedded in our belongings, including everything from automobiles to medical devices, and home appliances. Most of these devices allow their host products to access the internet, directly or through your mobile device, and open themselves up to unwanted access.

Whether you build the systems, or integrate them into products your firm sells, you and your customers are at risk. Safety, confidence in your products, and legal liability are just a few of the ramifications you want to address. One well-publicized hack can break a promising product or business. On the flip side, if you and your firm get out in front of the security problem, you can turn it into an asset, and let your competition play catch-up!

If you or your company haven’t addressed the security concerns, you have some catching up to do. Luckily, our embedded hackers (we like to call them employees) are out in front of the game. With years of experience helping the Department of Defense and government clients, they have learned the risks, and developed solutions to detecting the vulnerabilities, and finding ways to plug the holes in your defenses.

You have three options:

  • Ignore the problem, and hope you never get hacked. (Note: this option is only ever a temporary one.)
  • Hire us to help you learn your vulnerabilities and how to address them.
  • Attend one of our training courses to learn to diagnose and address the problem(s) yourself.

Our courses can help you assess and address the full spectrum of the development cycle.

Who runs our Embedded Systems training? Michael Messuri is a Senior System Analyst and Exploitation Engineer in our Embedded, Commercial and Security Office. Mike has more than 20 years of experience in low-level software engineering, reverse engineering, and malware analysis. He has taught a custom version of the Embedded Device Exploitation Training for a government organization, taught our Introduction to Embedded Systems Exploitation course, and participated in the SAE Cyber Auto Challenge as an instructor and mentor for student groups learning cyber assessments on automobiles.

“The setting will be an exciting, hands-on journey, introducing you to ways your “adversary” thinks, and what tools they use when they attack a system,” says Mike Messuri. “You won’t just sit in a chair and listen to me lecture. You’ll get to actually reverse engineer a custom embedded device, which you get to keep, along with all the tools used in the class.”

What did past students (all auto industry engineers) say about the course?

“The material hit the nail right on the head.  Exactly what was needed to advance me forward!”

“Great Class, Thank you sooo much!!”

“A great course!”

“Transformative, insightful.”

“The course was fun, very informative.”

“Very informative, well organized.”

Take control of your products’ security future. Check out our training course for your developers and management. Have questions?

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