Bareflank: New Hypervisor

Our team produces many custom solutions every year, putting in thousands of man-hours to diagnose, solve, and protect our clients’ information and networks. We translate the experience we gain in military and governmental arenas—as well as our software—into products and services for business and commercial clients, and many of our efforts result in full-fledged products. Like our newest: Bareflank.


The Bareflank team is proud to announce the first release of our hypervisor, version 1.0.0. This version includes:

  • Linux support
  • Single core support (core 0)
  • Coding in C++11/14
  • Hypervisor written using VT-x
  • Custom C runtime library for constructor/destructor support and registering exception handlers
  • Custom driver entry logic for loading the VMM
  • Custom ELF loader for loading the VMM modules
  • Userspace management application (BFM) for starting/stopping the hypervisor
  • Custom kernel-safe unwind library for adding exception support to the VMM
  • Basic VMM with support for Intel x86_64
  • VMM places the Host OS into a virtual machine and back out
  • Can be extended to provide additional functionality
  • Custom build environment
  • Complete set of unit tests
  • Documentation Scripts for setting up Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora build environments

Reverse engineering is now easier, and better supported, with Bareflank. This hypervisor is open source, and we invite your collaboration. For more information about the Bareflank project, as well as a demo of it in action, please visit our project’s main page. The project roadmap can be found on our GitHub page.

If you’re interested in participating, feel free to contact us on our Google group page. We’re always looking for support!

Want more information on putting Bareflank to use, or about AIS and our products and services? Get in touch today.

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