AIS and the 2016 OpenXT Summit

We’ll be attending the inaugural OpenXT Summit next week, an event that brings together developers and ecosystem participants for a 2-day conference in Fairfax, VA. The event is hosted by Intel Corporation, and features experts from around the country, including hosts Intel, the National Security Agency (NSA), and others, with the largest presence from six members of the AIS team. The audience for this event includes kernel and application developers, hardware designers, system integrators and security architects. The first day will feature presentations by specialists in different aspects of OpenXT, and the second day allows attendees to participate in moderated discussions on various topics.

OpenXT is a client-centric open source hypervisor designed to securely host multiple operating systems with near-native hardware support and performance, while maintaining strong platform security guarantees. Originally developed as a monolithic solution, OpenXT is evolving into a more modular platform that can provide secure virtualization over a wide variety of applications, i.e. desktop, laptop, mobile, embedded, etc.

Released as open-source software in 2014, OpenXT stands on the shoulders of the Xen Project, OpenEmbedded Linux, and Citrix XenClient XT. It is optimized for hardware-assisted virtualization with an input/output memory management unit, and a trusted platform module. Guest operating systems include Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.

The 2016 OpenXT Summit will chart the evolution of OpenXT from cross-domain endpoint virtualization to an extensible systems innovation platform, enabling derivative products to make security assurances for diverse hardware, markets and use cases.

AIS has been involved with the technology of OpenXT since it was XenClient XT at Citrix, and was used in earlier versions of AIS’s own SecureView (V2.0 and previous). One of the main reasons that Citrix open-sourced the XenClient XT code—to create OpenXT—was because of the SecureView program. Ever since OpenXT was created in July of 2014, AIS has been the lead maintainer and primary contributor to the project. This was primarily in support of the Air Force Research Labs (AFRL)-funded SecureView program, which has been based on OpenXT since V2.1, but to also build the overall open source community around OpenXT.

The Summit will allow contributors to OpenXT to actually meet (AIS, NSA, AFRL, and others); expand the community; increase developer involvement; and hold technical discussions on key subjects.

AIS speakers and their topics include:

  • Ross Philipson, OpenXT Platform
  • Kyle Temkin, ARM Client Virtualization and Operating with an Untrusted dom0
  • Brendan Kerrigan, Display Handlers
  • Chris Rogers, Toolstack Modernization
  • Garrett Morgan, Test Automation
  • Jacob Torrey, Intel Software Guard Extensions

The first day briefings will be video recorded and made available on the web.

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