Secure Your Embedded Systems

Learn how to keep hackers out—and your systems safe.

Embedded computers are being engineered into a myriad of small, everyday devices for consumers, and they’re becoming hackable points of vulnerability. From automotive systems to medical devices and home appliances, microcontrollers give them increased function and networking gives them increased capability, but also make your customers less secure. Securing embedded systems when you produce these products addresses:

  • Customer safety
  • Consumer confidence
  • Legal liability
  • Government regulation
  • Brand reputation protection
  • Market share maintenance and growth

We can help you make your products more secure, from embedded system design through development and production, with training courses for your developers and managers. We’ll help you raise your organization’s cybersecurity awareness, and make better pre-manufacturing decisions for proper risk decision-making. We can also identify possible security vulnerabilities and mitigation strategies, so you can deliver your systems with confidence.

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